Social Studies

This category includes social studies lesson plans, printable worksheets, lessons, and other teaching material and resources. Social Studies topics include American history, geography, culture, government, civics, and other related lessons.





Learning the United States Map

An introductory lesson plan on learning the map of the United States.





Great Americans Lesson

A lesson plan on great Americans.





Space Exploration Lesson Plan

A lesson plan on outer space exploration.





States and Capitals - States Riddle

A social studies project on the states and capitals.





George Washington Lesson

An American History reading comprehension printable on George Washington.





Abraham Lincoln Lesson

An American History reading comprehension printable on Abraham Lincoln.





Thomas Jefferson Lesson

Learn about Thomas Jefferson.





Christopher Columbus Lesson

Learn about Christopher Columbus.


Susan B. Anthony

Lesson and worksheet on Susan B. Anthony.


Franklin D. Roosevelt

Bibliography on President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Includes reading passage, and comprehension questions and answers.


Henry Ford

Henry Ford reading comprehension.


John F. Kennedy

A biography and lesson on the life of President John F. Kennedy.


Betsy Ross and the American Flag

A biography on Betsy Ross and the American Flag.



The story of Pocahontas, and John Smith.


Davy Crockett

The life and story of Davy Crockett.


The Wright Brothers: Wilbur and Orville Wright

A lesson on Wilbur and Orville Wright, and the beginning of flight.


Paul Revere

A biography on Revolutionary Paul Revere.


Marie Antoinette

A biography on Marie Antoinette.


James Madison

A biography on President James Madison.


John Adams

A biography on John Adams, the 2nd president of the United States.


Benjamin Harrison

A biography on 23rd president, Benjamin Harrison.


Theodore Roosevelt

A biography on President Theodore Roosevelt.


Herbert Hoover

A biography on President Herbert Hoover.


Molly Brown

Famous American Molly Brown and her life, including her survival on the Titanic.


Woodrow Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson.

Amelia Earhart

Famous American pilot Amelia Earhart.


Martin Luther King Jr.

Learn about Martin Luther King Jr.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Learn about the life of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Booker T. Washington

Learn about the life of Booker T. Washington.


Frederick Douglass

Learn about the life of Frederick Douglass.


Paul Robeson

Learn about the life of athlete, actor, singer, writer, and civil rights activist Paul Robeson.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Learn about the life of Eleanor Roosevelt.


Oprah Winfrey

Learn about the life of Oprah Winfrey.






The Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence lesson worksheet.


Coming to America: A Pilgrim Story Lesson

The history of the Pilgrims in England, their voyage on the Mayflower to America, and the first Thanksgiving.



The Jamestown colony, and early American settlers.


The 13 Colonies

An American History lesson on the 13 colonies.


Ellis Island

Ellis Island and the history of immigration in America.


War of 1812

The War of 1812, important battles, and other historical facts.


Pearl Harbor

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and World War 2.


The Great Depression

The history of the Great Depression in the United States.


The New Deal

FDR and the New Deal.


New England: The Birthplace of America

Learn about the important place New England has in American history.


Frontiers in America

Learn how America expanded and reached new frontiers.


The Lost Cities of Native America

Learn about two Native American civilizations of the past.


The Colorado River

Learn about the mighty Colorado River, the lifeline of the southwest.


The Great Plains

Learn about the Great Plains, America's last major frontier.


The Hudson River

Learn about the history and importance of the Hudson River.


Cheese in America

Learn about the history of cheese making in America and how cheese is made.


Peanut and Peanut Farming

Learn about the history of peanut farming in the United States.


Transportation by Water in Early America

Learn how early Americans transported people and goods by water.


Transportation in America

Learn how the United States transitioned from transporting people and goods by water to transportation on land.


The Spanish Empire in America

Learn how Spain colonized parts of the Americas and established an empire.


The Vikings in America

Learn about the Vikings and the Viking Age.


The Industrial Revolution

Learn about the Industrial Revolution in America.


The Workers Movement in America

Learn about the workers’ movement that arose in the United States during the Industrial Revolution.


New France: The French in America

Learn about the role of France in the history of North America.


The Southern Colonies of the United States

Learn about the geography and economy of the Southern colonies/states.


Alaska and Hawaii – Geography and Acquisition

Learn about the geography of Alaska and Hawaii and how each region was acquired by the United States.


The Spanish American War

Learn about the Spanish American War and its results.


The Cold War

Learn about the Cold War between the United States and communism.


The United States under Theodore Roosevelt

Learn about the 26TH U.S. President and the changes that took place while he was in office.


World War I

Learn about World War I, the results of the war, and how and when the U.S. became involved.


Dictators and the Start of World War II

Learn about the rise of dictatorships that led to the start of World War II.





Native Americans

After reading and researching information about the Navajo tribe, students will be able understand the culture and traditions of the tribe and make comparisons to their own culture.


The Mound Builders

A lesson on the Mound Builders and native American Indian history.






Civil War: The North

A general overview lesson on the Civil war and the North.  Topics include the differences between the North and South, slavery, the Abolitionists, the Underground Railroad, Fort Sumter, the battles, the Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg, and the end to the Confederacy.


Civil War: The South

A lesson on the south during the American Civil War.  Includes life in the south, north and south differences, the Confederacy, and secession.


Ulysses S. Grant

The presidency of Ulysses S. Grant.





North America Geography

A lesson on the geography of North America.



Regions of the United States

A lesson about the location and characteristics of each of the five regions within the United States.



The Middle Atlantic Regions of the United States

Learn about the geography and economy of the Middle Atlantic colonies/states.






The Mighty Mississippi River

History and commerce along the Mississippi river.






My Favorite Places in School Book

To understand the human and physical characteristics of various places within the school.


Geography Acrostic Poem

To describe the human and physical characteristics of a particular region as expressed through an acrostic poem.


The Five Themes of Geography: Let’s Get Civil!

To understand the ways people have adapted to and modified their environment in the United States.


The Five Themes of Geography: Let’s Build a Theme!

To explore and define the five themes of geography.


The Five Themes of Geography: The People-Place Connection

To explore how humans adapt to variations in the physical environment with respect to one of the five themes of geography: human/environment interaction


The Five Themes of Geography: Story Webbing Robinsons

To understand how humans adapt to variations in their physical environment [the human/environment interaction].


Canada’s Geography

Learn about the geography of Canada.


Canada’s Road to Independence

Learn about the colonization of Canada and how Canada became an independent country.


Canadian Expansion and Canada Today

Learn about the expansion of Canada and what it is like today.






United States Three Branches of Government

Students learn about the 3 branches of Government in the U.S.


How a Bill Becomes a Law

Students learn about the 3 branches of Government in the U.S.


The U.S. Constitution

History of the the U. S. Constitution and how the government is set up.


The Bill of Rights

The U.S. Bill of Rights including the ten amendments.





What is Government?

An introduction to the concepts of government and citizenship.


Why is Government Necessary?

This lesson continues to introduce students to the concepts of government and citizenship, as they learn that government provides order, safety, and protects rights.


Where does Government get its Authority?

Students learn where government gets its authority and learn to identify figures of authority along with the concepts of elected and appointed.


What Kinds of Laws are There?

An introduction to different types of laws and rules that can be found in the United States.


How are Laws Enforced?

A lesson on law enforcement and mediation.


Are all Laws Good Ones?

Not all laws are equally fair or enforceable.


What Kinds of Government are There?

An explanation of limited and unlimited governments and related power.


Why do we Need Limited Government?

Why limited government is necessary for citizen involvement.


What are My Individual Rights?

Learn the difference between personal, political, and economic rights.


Review and Assessment

What is government review and assessment.  This lesson concludes the unit.





People from Around the World

A lesson on the different cultures, holidays, and other traditions from around the world.


The Aztecs

Learn about the Aztecs of Mexico, their culture, and religion.


Code of Hammurabi

History lesson on the Code of Hammurabi.


The Seven Wonders of the World

Learn about the seven wonders of the world, and ancient history.


History of the Olympics

A history of the Olympics and the ancient Greek games.


Ancient Babylon

Learn about ancient Babylonian empires and the destruction of the city of Babylon.


Ancient Pompeii

The ancient Italian city of Pompeii.


Matteo Ricci: Missionary to the East

A lesson on Matteo Ricci, missionary to China and the East.


The French Revolution

The causes and events of the French Revolution.


Alexander the Great

A lesson on Alexander the Great, and his life story.


Julius Caesar

A lesson on Julius Caesar and the ancient Roman empire.


Anne Frank

A lesson on Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl, and Germany during WW II.


Achilles, Troy, and the Trojan Horse

A lesson on the life of Achilles, Troy, and the Trojan Horse.


The Titanic

The famous ship, the Titanic, and its doomed maiden voyage.


Central America and the Caribbean

Learn about the history of Central America and the Caribbean.





The Caribbean

History, geography, and culture of the Caribbean.


China - Life and Culture

Life and culture of China.


India - Life and Culture

Life and culture of India.


Italy - Life and Culture

Life and culture of Italy.


Mexico - Life and Culture

Life and culture of Mexico.


Poland - Life and Culture

Life and culture of Poland.


The World's Capital Cities

Learn about capital cities and why they exist.


European Explorers Travel to Asia

How the Europeans traveled to and traded with Asia.





Earth Day

Students recount the history and purpose of Earth Day.

Cinco de Mayo

Students learn facts about the history of Cinco de Mayo and the Battle of Puebla.


Mothers Day

Students learn about Mothers Day.


Fathers Day

Students learn about Fathers Day, and compare and contrast it to Mothers day.


Memorial Day

Students learn about Memorial Day and why it is celebrated.


Flag Day

Students learn about Flag Day and the history of the American flag.


Independence Day

Students learn about Independence day, or the 4th of July.


Labor Day

Students learn about the history of Labor Day.


Columbus Day

Students learn about Columbus Day.



Students learn about Halloween, its history, and ways of celebrating.


Veterans Day

Learn about Veterans Day, and its history.



Learn about Thanksgiving, and its history.



Learn about Christmas, and its history.



Learn about Hanukkah, its history, and why it is celebrated.



Learn about Kwanzaa, its history, and why it is celebrated.


New Years and New Year’s Resolutions

Learn about New Years Day, its history, and why it is celebrated.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Learn about Martin Luther King Jr.


Chinese New Year

Learn about Chinese New Year, symbolism, legends, and how it is celebrated.


Groundhog Day

Learn about the tradition and history of Groundhog Day.


Black History Month

Learn about Black History Month.


Valentines Day

Learn about the tradition and history of Valentines Day.


Saint Patrick’s Day

Learn about the tradition and history of Saint Patrick’s Day.



Learn about the tradition and history of Easter.


Women’s History Month

Learn about Women’s History Month.


Election Day

Learn about Election Day.





The Evolution of Music

The history and evolution of music.



The history of the guitar.





Jackie Robinson

Learn about the life of Jackie Robinson and his baseball career.


Nadia Comaneci

Learn about the life of gymnast Nadia Comaneci.


Miracle on Ice

Learn about the famous event in Olympic History, the Miracle on Ice.


Super Bowl III

Learn about the famous event in sports history, Super Bowl III.


Tiger Woods

Learn about the life and career of Tiger Woods.





Sharing is Caring

A lesson on sharing and good citizenship.


Good Citizenship

A lesson on good citizenship including responsibility, and treating people with respect.


Living in a Community

A lesson on living in a community and how you can be a productive citizen.



A lesson on various forms of transportation.











Human Rights

US History

World History




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