SAT Exams and How to Pass

SAT exams could be the most important tests you ever take. Your performance on this testing procedure will determine whether or not you will be accepted into the college of your choice and the direction that you will take in your future career. More than a casual approach is needed, and serious students who are determined to do well will typically take several months to prepare. A well formulated plan is required, and some strategies that will ensure your success will have to be properly implemented.

Both mind and body need to be well prepared for the SAT exam. Several months before the actual exam, you will need to get into the habit of regular sleep habits, healthy eating, and daily exercise. There is no point trying to take care of these basic necessities one week before the exam. This will not work. Your body needs time to adjust, and it is only through proper rest and nutrition over a period of time that you will achieve the peak mental alertness that you need to do well.

Writing a long three or four-hour exam can be taxing on the body as well as the mind. Many students find it useful to mark off a regular study time on their calendars and stick to it each week. It may only be one or two days a week, but if you identify a day and time to study, you will find the real exam time much easier to handle. Once in a while you could use a stop watch to see what the full exam period feels like. If you can find the opportunity to write one or more practice exams, this will be a useful exercise, and it will help you to develop some self-confidence for the real thing.

The SAT exam process has been changed and updated recently. The mathematics section reviews the high school curriculum, and the expectation is that you will be capable of answering algebra and geometry questions from your final year. If you have difficulty with formulae and other data, you might try using flashcards that can be easily kept in your back pocket. That way you can review any time and any place, and over a few weeks you will be surprised at what you remember. Flashcards can also be used to build and improve your vocabulary, so that when it comes to essay writing, you will be that much better prepared.

When the day of the exam finally arrives, don’t waste your time with last-minute cramming. This can have the opposite effect to what you want. Instead of that, rise early after a good night’s sleep, eat only a very light breakfast, and take a short, brisk walk before heading out to the exam location. Arrive early with all the materials you need, and try to relax. Enter the exam room confidently and take your place. You can gather your thoughts while waiting to begin.

It is important to read through the entire paper before writing a single word, even if you feel that you know and understand what to do. You may find one or two directions that are new to you, and you would not want to start off on the wrong foot. As you work your way through the questions, pass over any questions that seem difficult or obscure. You can always come back to them later. Remember that you can leave some questions blank if necessary. Sometimes this might be better than writing a wrong answer, though, in general, you should try to answer required questions to the best of your ability.

Your college admission is an important stage of your education. Take the SAT entrance exams seriously, and use all the help and advice you can get. Preparation is the key. With proper planning, you will develop self-confidence, and you can have every expectation of doing well.