Living With a Laptop Computer

The advancements in technology over the past century have been truly amazing, and when one compares modern-day conveniences with what was available to previous generations, it is hard to imagine how life was possible without them. Certainly, the invention of television, cellular telephones, and supersonic aircraft represents incredible human ingenuity, and the ability to travel in space leaves one in awe, but who could have imagined the almost infinite capacity of a computer?

The written word contained in hundreds of volumes, mathematical and scientific data of every university on earth, and information on every subject known to man, are now all contained in a desk-sized box. Calculations can be made in an instant, and statistical information of every kind can be obtained with a few clicks of the mouse. The implications of this amazing technology for students at all levels are far reaching. Trips to the library and even some live presentations are becoming obsolete, as students research and discover their own information from their own personal computer. But this has become even more evident with the invention of the lap-top computer.

Many students today, especially at the college and university levels, consider the lap-top computer to be absolutely indispensable. The portability of the lap-top has made this remarkable machine an invaluable tool for dealing with almost every aspect of academic life, both on and off campus. The need to carry bundles of text books from class to class, for example, is now a thing of the past, because the information contained in those texts is available at the touch of a few keyboard strokes. Even plans for after school are instantly available, and students can find the exact details they need about shows, clubs, or restaurants in any city, in any part of the world. A computer briefcase can now contain all the information a student will ever need.

Keeping track of books, documents, and information manuals has always been a challenge for most college and university students. By its very nature, university life revolves around a whirl of activity and confusion, but the lap-top computer allows students to enjoy a more organized existence by keeping everything in one place. Study can become an enjoyable experience when all the information one needs is readily available, and any kind of assignment becomes less onerous when it can be done at any time and in any convenient place.

One of the greatest advantages of the lap-top computer is its ability to instruct and correct academic assignments while they are in the process of being done. Many students need a considerable amount of time and experience to develop good writing skills, and by using the advanced features of a good word processor they are able to make excellent progress, even as they move around, following their busy schedule. Written assignments can be begun in one location and completed in another, and spell checks, grammar scans, and red-lined corrections can all be done automatically while one is on the move.

Students today have enormous advantages over the students of previous generations, and there is every reason to expect that educational standards in both literacy and numeracy skills will continue to improve. Modern technology has assisted the advancement of education in western societies, and it will likely continue to do so. The lap-top computer, however, remains in a league of its own. This remarkable machine has truly revolutionized the way that students of today get things done.