A fun rhyming lesson for your class.



Learning Objectives
After doing a read aloud of a rhyming picture book, students will learn how to identify, say and write rhyming words by engaging in rhyming exercises and matching rhyming cards during independent work.


Academic Language Focus
How to identify words that rhyme, or have the same ending sound.


Suggested Grades:

Kindergarten - First Grade - Second Grade

Content Targets
Language Arts
Phonemic awareness, rhyming, writing, reading comprehension












Lesson Materials
A rhyming picture book. Some great book suggestions:
     Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? (by Bill Martin Jr.)
     Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (by Bill Martin Jr.)
     The Three Bears Rhyme Book (by Jane Yolen)
     Those Can-Do Pigs (by David M. McPhail)

Rhyming picture cards printable
Pocket chart and index cards
Plastic baggies
Crayons, pencils and scissors


Modifications for English Language Learners
This lesson can be done as a teacher-led center (hands-on, small group activity) in which plenty of teacher assistance will be provided. The rhyming cards use pictures as well as words to help students make the vocabulary connection.



Lesson Warm-Up
Ask students what rhyming words are (words that have the same ending sounds). Tell students to touch their nose when they hear words that rhyme.

Words: (cat, hat) (see, be) (mix, cap) (do, at) (hip, dip)
Assess students' understanding of rhyming.


Do a read aloud with a rhyming picture book. Start with a picture walk and have students predict the story's main characters, setting and events. Have students read the title, author's name and illustrator's name.

Now read the story and encourage students to say the predictable/repetitive phrases with you. Pause at the end of a rhyming stanza to see if students can predict which rhyming word comes next.


Tell the students that we will read the book once more. Remind students that this picture book has rhyming words in it. Students will be the rhyme detectives and must touch their nose when they hear two or more words that rhyme.

When students touch their nose, stop reading and ask students to identify the words that rhyme. Write each of these words on index cards and place them in the pocket chart.

When you are finished reading the story, you should have plenty of rhyming word cards in the chart. Pull out all of the cards, mix them up and place them back in the chart. Call up students to find the rhyming words and then have them stand in front of the classroom holding their pair of cards.

When all of the pairs have been found, have each student at the front of the class read their pair of rhyming words with the rest of the class.


Tell students that they will now have a chance to make and play their own rhyming game. Pass out the rhyme cards printable and ask students to color, trace and cut out the cards. Pass out baggies for students to store their cards in.

Ways to play the game:
Students can play in pairs or independently during centers, mixing up the cards and finding rhyming pairs.

Students can also write down their rhyming pairs on the Record a Rhyme worksheet to turn in (great evidence of learning).

Students can play the game like Memory, turning over and mixing up the cards.

Students can take the cards home to practice rhyming on their own.


Say one rhyming word and point to students in the class to tell you a word that rhymes with it.


Extension Activities
Post rhyming words all over the classroom and give students magnifying glasses, clipboards and the Record a rhyme worksheet (see printable). Students will do their best to find words that rhyme on word walls, in books, on posters, etc. They can then record rhyming word pairs.

As students begin to read, copy the rhyming cards printable with the pictures covered up. Have students make and play the game only using the words.




Rhyming Worksheet - Record a Rhyme

Print this worksheet for this lesson.



Rhyming Picture Cards Worksheet

Print these rhyming picture cards.





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